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Goat Painting


title – animal emotion 3

size – 12*12 inches

colour – acrylic colour

surface – canvas

materials – canvas, acrylic colour, sonai brushes

Store:  Sandhya
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Here’s another beautiful Artwork from the Animal Emotion series by artist Sandhya Kumari. A parent goat and it’s child have been painted here using acrylic colors.
The artist defines the purest form of love amongst the animals, who are not the smartest creation of God, yet understand and get attached to their babies and other creatures, thus defining love in their own way.
The size of this Artwork is 12 inch × 12 inch, and it has been made on a canvas using acrylic colors. The purity and positivity spread through this artwork makes it suitable and one of the best paintings to be put up in your halls and drawing rooms.
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