At Artembryo, we highly value the privacy of our users, customers, and sellers. To ensure regular privacy measures, we follow the below-mentioned criteria and rules to offer a secure and safe experience to all the users at Artembryo. 

1. Data Policy 

We store several sorts of data from our users, such as their email addresses and their personal information ( Name, City, Gender, Products info. ). 

It must be noted, that Artembryo in no way stores the passwords or any other confidential data of the users in any sort. 

2. Payment Privacy.

The payments made through the payment gateway of Artembryo are 100% safe and secure. We do not store your bank details or other confidential data whenever you make a payment to us. We provide calling/email and chat support for all the troubled users who sometimes might get an error while purchasing, or for any other issues. Customer service is our first priority, and considering it, we provide a hassle-free service to all regarding all issues of payment, making Artembryo a #safezone for all transactions. 

3. Do we share your personal data? 

The contact details of every seller are visible on the Artembryo website, so that the Artist can personally grow their audience and the buyers can connect with them easily. Apart from the contact details, we do not disclose any personal details of the users, respecting the privacy of all. 

4. What kind of information do we collect? 

We collect some basic information of every user, such as their Names, Location, contact info, and email addresses. This is done to provide them regular updates about our new plans and initiatives. 

5. Do we share your personal information? 

Your basic information, like the name of your art store, your Name and contact details are visible on our website to our other users. The details of the paintings uploaded by you are also visible to other users. We don’t share your information like your social Media handles address, etc with anyone. They are stored with our team and are not disclosed to any third party software or existing users of Artembryo. 

6. How will we notify you of changes to this policy? 

As we work towards betterment and safe user experience, we are likely to modify our privacy policy to avoid any hassles for our customers and users. 

Whenever we would make changes in our website’s privacy policy, you will be informed via email support system about the new changes being made. You can review the old clauses and the new clauses before they actually come into effect. 

7. How to contact Artembryo for queries and questions? 

It is too simple to contact Artembryo for any query regarding your issues. We have a cute chatbot available for you to send us direct messages and tell us your queries. You can also contact us on our helpline numbers from 10 Am – 7 Pm IST on all days. 

For email support, you can contact us on or 

Artembryo Partnership Firm,

4/115 Gomtinagar,

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, 


Last updated on: 25 September, 2020.