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We are a team of hardworking dreamers , who have taken up an initiative to give a platform to young artists to portray themselves and their talent before the entire world . Artembryo consists of an ambitious lot that engages Artists and admires to contribute to the world of art. We aim at bringing a large audience for our Youth Artists , so that they can have a kickstart in their careers .

Our mission is not just encouraging the artists and promoting excellent artwork , but also to reach out to every willing buyer out there , so that the paintings and artworks of our astonishing artists can get into the right hands and be decorated at the right place.

Vision :

We see Artembryo as the major path for many aspirants of art to shape their career and wish to do that for as many artists as possible. We wish to provide quality work to all our coustomers and benefit them with lowest market prices with highest qualities and bring name and fame to our sellers.
Artembryo also comes up as an emerging exhibition holder in all over India to give an opportunity to the artists to display their works before the media and youth.


About the founders :

Mr. Mohit Achra

Is an author and an undergraduate visual artist , who is currently residing in Lucknow City. He is the author of the fantasy genre book ” Soul Of The Demon God ” , and his painting ” The boy with the flute ” has been awarded first prize at Ingenuity art exhibition organized by M.I.M.F.A .

Mr. Karan Kumar

Is a professional tattoo artist an undergraduate Visual artist and graphic designer who is currently residing in Lucknow City . Karan works as a freelance artist in a number of cities in India   

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