If you have the right skills, it is not really important to have a degree to start earning. Yes, a degree makes you a certified artist, but even if you’re a self-taught or undergraduate artist, lack of a degree CANNOT stop you from earning.
The market is huge, and it requires a lot of work from the artists.
Here, I have compiled a list of some AMAZING jobs, that you can do as an UNDERGRADUATE artist and start to earn right away!

  1. Internships

You can go to the management of your art institute and ask them for any internship offers that they currently have. Many institutions have a list of companies that would hire their students for internships. It is a great way to make ties with the companies and to enter as a professional in this field.
In case you don’t get any help from your college or your institute, you can also search for jobs on LinkedIn,,, and other sites that recruit candidates for jobs.
Once you register on these sites and tell them what sort of job you’re looking for, you’ll find your email flooded with similar job options right next day and the day after that!

According to me , internships always play a beneficial role in the career of every artist. If you want to earn an income while studying, this is a great option for you!

  1. Commissioned works

The best part about commissioned works is that you don’t have to leave your home to go to your workplace every day. But the question still persists, ” How will I get commissioned works? “
I have a definite answer to your question. You need to build up your social media profiles. Start small. Do LOW-COST commissions for your friends and families, ask them for shoutouts. This will help you earn, as well as engage with others who are interested in buying your art.

I personally believe that if you work with a definite plan, and show consistency towards it, you can start getting commissioned works from today itself.

  1. Organizing workshops with friends

In my opinion, this is the most engaging and fun activity that could earn you money. You and your group of fellow artists can organize workshops for school students, students of other fields who have art as a hobby, even housewives.
It could be a 7 day or 10-day workshop or more, depending on how much you charge them. You could teach them several skills in your workshop like the basics of portrait making, shading, sketching, painting, mixing of several colors, etc.
All you need to carry this plan out successfully is to ask your team and your supportive friends ( approximately 10-15 people) to spread the word on their social media handles.
Make an attractive poster and circulate it. Get in touch with your pals who have a good many numbers of followers.
I would like to tell you about my seniors who do an art camp every year and teach art skills to their students. They earn a fine amount from it and get the word out that they belong to a certain field, and make recognition in the art market.

  1. Selling your art online/offline with Artembryo.

Artembryo is a unique platform that helps you to sell your art online from their website, and offline through exhibitions.
You can enroll in the artists’ development program  on our official website ( ) and make a seller’s account , then upload your artworks and sell them to the customers who visit that website.
Artembryo keeps doing digital marketing and promotions for all newly registered sellers on their website so that you won’t be lost amongst the other artists.
All you have to do is just pay them a low fees of Rs. 399/- for your digital marketing, and they bring your painting out amongst large audience.
You can also enroll yourself in their offline exhibitions, no matter where you are in the country , you can display your artworks for sale there, and earn a good amount of money while you’re still a student.

  1. Contests

As an undergraduate, you must keep yourself updated about all the ongoing online and offline contests of art. You can participate in the contests that have monetary prizes. Such competitions are organized at least once every month. So if you have amazing skills, and you find an opportunity just like this one, you could participate in a contest and win yourself some money. In fact, you could do this every month and improve yourself, increase your fan base because then you would receive several shoutouts from large Instagram art pages on winning the contests organized by them.

This would in turn give you exposure and maybe some customers for commissioned works!
If you want to participate in online art contests, you can check out the Instagram profile of Artembryo ( @artembryo ), we keep organizing contests with many exciting monetary prizes and several consolation prizes more than once every month!
We would love to have you on our contest, just follow us by clicking here and be a part of our upcoming contest.

  1. Wall paintings.

This one happened with several of my friends. Once they had learned the art of wall painting, they let the word out on social media. With the help of several of their friends reposting their works and stories, they managed to get a few orders of wall painting.

The most exciting incident in the midst of it all was that a group of artists contacted several kids’ schools in the city. Now, the kids’ schools are always in the need of painting their walls with animated characters, cartoons, alphabets, and numbers, which wasn’t difficult at all.

You could use this trick, just send an email to some kids’ schools in your city, or just call them up and tell them you’re doing it with your group of artists for slightly lower prices than usual. And just like my friends, you are likely to get work without a lot of effort.

So these were the 5 ways that would be helpful for any undergraduate artist who wants to earn from TODAY. And the best part of it is that if you start working on all of these tips right away, then you will start making money in no time

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