How to become a full time artist

When we pursue the courses of Visual Arts and Fine arts , we happen to be quite lost about the major career opportunities in this field. You pursue this career option as a mindset of becoming an artist , who makes paintings , holds up group and solo exhibitions , makes a presence in the market and sells his art.
This might sound easy , but in reality , the truth is just opposite! It takes a great deal of effort and a powerful social media presence to make a living as a full time artist.

But hey! It’s possible , and several people do it right after they complete their graduation and even sometime before it too!
Now , I’m going to give you a few tricks , that will definitely help you sell your art and make new coustomers , so that you don’t have to WAIT for a crowd of interested lot storming at your doorway or inbox to discuss the prices of your artworks.

  1. Social Media Presence.

As we all know , every person in this world has two lives.
A. The real
B. The virtual

When I say virtual , I mean people making their presence on social media platforms like Facebook , Instagram , Twitter etc. Almost everyone nowadays is an addict user of these sites. You can get your coustomers without even leaving your home and searching for them just by making your presence on these stages , and getting the word out that you exist!

Now , the question is , ” How do I grow my audience on social media? “
Well , it can be quite tricky , but too simple if you get used to it in a few days time. The first step is to create an account , then post your artworks on your Instagram/ Facebook wall. You can ask your friends and family members to give you shoutouts on regular basis. Adding hashtags under your posts is a major plus point!

And if this doesn’t help in the long run , you can collaborate with a page on Instagram with a larger audience . For instance a business page , an influencer or a public figure. These pages will charge you an amount , and promote your art on their stories and posts for some days , driving their followers and coustomers towards your business!

If you want a collaboration that is NOT expensive , you can contact Artembryo on Instagram or mail us at for your collaboration requests and to know about the super low fees that we charge to promote artists!

  1. Exhibitions – Online and Offline

When we come to exhibitions , they have always been a major part of an artist’s life. If you are an undergraduate artist , a beginner or just lost and don’t know where to start , it is important for you to know that holding up exhibitions and art fares are a major plus point for every artist.
Exhibitions are a great way to showcase your talent to the world. Using this path , you come across several art dealers , art buyers and admirerer who buy art on a regular basis , and hence open a gateway for you into the art market. But then again a problem persists , ” How can I hold up an exhibition on my own? I have no contacts and no clue where to go. “

A simple answer to this question is that you can contact your nearest art galleries for upcoming group exhibitions where you can display your artwork as well. Doing this on a regular basis , 4-5 times a year at max , will definitely help you know other artists , improve your skills and get through the door to the art market.

Several exhibitions go flop! The reason being they are NOT advertised and promoted strongly and the artist some times feel that it was a complete loss to invest in their previous exhibition. But no worries! Artembryo being a brand for promotion of artists keeps holding offline and online exhibitions , with a comparatively low fees for all artists. We even promote and advertise the exhibition, so that we can attract maximum people to our art display.
Even if you’re not in our city , we can help you getting a spot in our exhibitions in more than one cities , without you moving from your place! You can contact Artembryo at for further details of holding up exhibitions.

  1. Art contests!

Weather online or offline , the art contests are a major plus point in the career of every artist , as they give an insight towards what other artists are doing and where do you stand , how much do you need to improve!
Art contests also give away several prizes and promote you on their social media handles for a few days. That way , you can earn some followers , coustomers and other fellow artists who would want to collaborate with you.

Every artist starts from a small contest and reaches the top of the list by participating in higher level competitions that gives them more exposure and more coustomers. As you can see , it is all about making an online presence and building up YOUR own audience who wants to buy your art.

  1. Newspapers / magazines.

It might sound irrelevant , but Newspaper and magazines can help the career of an artist grow to a whole different level. Just like you collaborate with influencers on Instagram and Facebook , you can also contact newspapers and magazines to publish your artwork with some details about your education, your whereabouts , your achievements and your contact details.

A problem persists here , ” the newspaper ads are too expensive! “
Yes , they are. The newspaper and magazine ads are indeed expensive , if you can afford them , they’ll be a major help in your art career. But in case you can’t afford them , I will suggest you to look for local newspapers and local magazines to publish your work. They would charge you comparatively less and you will get an audience and some coustomers to sell your artwork!

So these were the 4 tips that would definitely help you to become a full time artist in India.
You can contact Artembryo , a brand made for the promotion of artists to collaborate with you and promote your artwork , and to know how you can display your art in our latest upcoming exhibitions.

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